About us

We are a stable Czech company specializing in the delivery of expert, organizational, and administrative services, primarily in the automotive industry. For over 20 years, we have been cooperating with significant suppliers to the Volkswagen AG group. Our largest customer is ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

The most significant activity at present is the long-term delivery of services directly to ŠKODA AUTO a.s. These are highly qualified works carried out by teams of specialists and experts composed of our own employees. We can offer solutions for anyone, tailored to their needs and delivered in very short timeframes. Thanks to our many years of experience, particularly in the automotive industry, we can provide expert services for project management, administration, testing laboratories, or short-term professional and specific activities. We nurture our own experts, whom we respect, support, motivate, and provide with personal development opportunities. We offer professional training, language courses, motivational interviews, bonuses, benefits, workshops, and team-building activities.

Our expert staff works, for example, in the areas of electro development, accessories, or procurement directly on the premises of ŠKODA AUTO, where we also provide IT services. This includes primarily the development and management of web and purpose-built corporate applications. We have gradually expanded this activity to our current uniSMART service offering: web development and management, comprehensive social media management, video production, sound branding. We utilize our own recording studio equipped with the necessary professional technology.

Company vision

yin and yang
yin and yang

Everyone does what they enjoy, they are good at it, the world needs it, and they are well paid for it. Customers are satisfied with the high quality of services delivered, the personal commitment of our employees, appropriate prices, and repeatedly turn to us with trust.

Company mission

Our employees are supported by a highly professional support team.

Through a positively oriented corporate culture, we provide employees with a welcoming work environment.

We work in teams

We select good people. Our employees are competent in performing the given service with demonstrable know-how and experience.

We place the right people in the right positions.

Our employee is part of the team.

We adhere to and practice the principles of a free, ethical, and decent company.

We support collaboration instead of rivalry

We can achieve everything we can imagine.

We consciously create what we want to experience