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For 25 years we have been growing with you.
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We have been a reliable provider of personnel services for 25 years.I want to know more
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We have specialized in supplying professional services to the automotive industry for 25 years.I want to know more

Do you need representation?

Are you looking for staff?

Do you need a dealership in the Czech Republic?

Do you need a reliable partner directly in Mladá Boleslav?

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Are you looking for specialists for your company?

  • Procuring specialists from among our employees

  • Save time searching for your own employees

  • Cut costs on personnel budget

  • We'll select the right people for the right job - people who enjoy their work

Do you want to be visible on the internet?

  • Modern websites and applications tailored to your needs.

  • Custom design including logo and colors

  • Creation of videos presenting the client

  • Memorable sound identity that sets you apart

  • Top-notch social media management keeping pace with the times

Do you need business representation in the Czech Republic?

  • Resident support for foreign suppliers

  • Representation in Mladá Boleslav

  • We'll find a suitable property and provide resident engineers

  • Support and resolution of urgent situations in production

  • Consultancy in the automotive environment

  • Arrangement of tours at Škoda Auto including vehicle and driver